What’s to come this upcoming E-Sports season!

The Dakota High School E-Sports season is just around the corner! Our E-Sports team is a great group with even greater teamwork. With the Pre-season starting in the first week of October, and the regular season starting just a week later there is a lot in store for our three teams-Rocket League, Valorant, and League of Legends. This year is Dakota High Schools sixth year of having an E-Sports team and our very own English teacher Mr. Bilof could not be more excited. Coach Bilof has been a great leader to all of these teams in these past years. In other years, we have seen how well our teams have done and how fun it is to see how talented they are. With their big events and heart racing competitions coming up we have no doubt our teams will do amazing. Everyone on the team plays an important role and get to showcase all of their wonderful skills in tournaments and in return receive many great opportunities.

Coach Bilof answers some questions we are wondering.

Question one: What is your favorite team?

Bilof: I don’t have a favorite team, but I did used to play League of Legends.

Question two: What are you most excited for?

Bilof: Being able to work with the teams and seeing them grow over the season.

We cannot wait to see what’s to come of our 2022-2023 E-Sports teams and we wish them all the best of luck!