Overwatch 2: A New Era


We all previously known and loved the beloved Overwatch that has been running the gaming community for years on end, sadly it has come to an end recently, with the servers officially shutting down on Monday, October 3rd, 2022, and Overwatch 2 releasing on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. 

Within the brand new and now Free-To-Play Overwatch 2, there has been multiple updates, revamps, new heroes, and now a new and upcoming hero coming into the game soon! Within Overwatch 2, there are now 3 new heroes to play: Junker Queen, Sojourn, and Kiriko. Junker Queen is one of the newer tank heroes to play, and a list of new abilities, passives, and ultimate is in store with her! She has 3 abilities which consist of the following: “Jugged Blade”, which allows her to throw a blade, giving her the opportunity to re-activate this ability, pulling back the


blade along with any enemies the blade is attached to! Jugged Blade has a passive which wounds enemies and deals damage over time. Her next ability is “Commanding Shout”, which buffs her and her allies with improved speed and health, allowing them to push easier into checkpoints and closing the gap between enemies. Her last ability is “Carnage”, which is a large melee slash with her axe and leaves the enemies wounded, causing damage over time. Lastly her ultimate, Rampage, allows her to rush forward, slashing any enemies in front of her with magnetized metal. This deals damage over time and prevents enemies from being healed for a duration of time. Her passive “Adrenaline Rush” allows her to heal over time to those affected by any of the abilities that apply wounds and damages enemies overtime. 

Sojourn is the newest DPS hero you can play! She has two abilities and her ultimate. Her two abilities are: “Power Slide” which is a power slide that can be cancelled into a high leap by jumping, which gives her a lot of mobility. Her next ability is “Disruptor Shot” which is an AoE


projectile of energy that slows and deal damage to enemies that stand inside of it. Her ultimate ability, “Overclock” amplifies her Railgun energy for a short amount of time. During this time, the energy in her Railgun pierces enemies. 

Lastly, we have Kiriko, which is the newest support, (My personal favorite). She can be obtained by purchasing the Season 1 battle pass and is unlocked at level 1. Her healing abilities consist of talisman that seeks those of her allies that are injured, while at the same time damaging enemies with her Kunai blades that deal increased amounts of critical damage. She has two abilities, one of them being “Swift Step” which allows her to teleport directly to an ally, so she can assist them quickly in fights, healing them as well as being able to do crit. damage to


enemies. Her next ability is “Protection Suzu” which is a protection charm she can throw down on allies, becoming briefly invulnerable to any damage taken. This can be best used during Hanzo’s ult, “Dragonstrike” that summons a dragon spirit that kills enemies it passes through or Bastion’s ult, “Configuration: Artillery” which fires up to 3 artillery shells that are extremely powerful. Protection Suzu can allow allies to quickly get out of his ult, as well as multiple other ultimate’s from other heroes as well. Finally, her ultimate, “Kitsune Rush” summons a fox spirit that rushes forward, increasing her and her allies move speed, attack speed, and cooldowns that follow within the space of the rush.

With the announcement of the new tank being added, Ramattra, is very exciting! There aren’t many updates about his abilities, although I am aware he has two forms which is his nemesis form and his non-nemesis


form which will consist of different abilities. Here is a quick video overlooking these abilities and what they might be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E-h8XuHPBM Ramattra’s release date is confirmed to be December 6th, 2022, alongside with Season Two!

There were lots of changes from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, some of those changes they made were loot boxes! You used to be able to collect loot boxes all throughout the first Overwatch. These have been changed to challenges for the battle pass they incorporated! Another change was instead of having 2 tanks, there are now only 1 tank and is now a 5v5 instead of 6v6, which used to be two tanks, two dps, and two supports. The next one which I think a lot of people are confused about from a song about Overwatch that was trending on TikTok in 2020, McCree had his name changed and is now called Cassidy instead. There are new maps as well, and a new mode called “Push” where a robot is set to move a barricade further into the enemies’ side, where whoever gets it pushed farther or to the objective wins the match.  

Now, recently all over TikTok I have been seeing a lot of people who are live playing OW2! I decided to hop in some lives and ask them how they feel about Overwatch 2 and who they main!  

The first person I joined was mootsnake, also known as moot to her viewers, and she’s been playing since the original Overwatch, which was released in 2016! She said, “I really love this game, I think it’s fun. The only thing Is I say is it’s been hard adapting to only one tank.” She mains Mercy and Moira, who are two of the most popular support heroes, and D.VA which is a tank! 

The next person I asked was h0nkeynopokey, and he said, “It’s a good game that I would say hasn’t a lot of changes. It’s just a brand-new take to the Overwatch formula, which makes the game a lot more open, a lot more easier to make plays because the less big people we have the more we’re able to just play the game what it’s meant to be played. I feel like 5v5 should’ve been the original and the best way of playing Overwatch, personally.” He doesn’t really have a main/favorite character, but if he had to choose, he would pick Ana, since he likes playing Support more than any other role! 

Next, I asked Bluefirefoxlove, and she said, “I like Overwatch 2 at the moment.” She mains Mercy and Moira for support and Sigma and D.VA for whenever she plays tank! She didn’t have much to say, so I asked her who she favors the most out of all the heroes, and she said, “Mercy for the simple fact she can revive somebody.” 

One of the final two people I asked was R0ME0, and he said, “I think Overwatch is mid, and I’ma shake up your paper I don’t have one.” I was shocked about this simply because most people do have a hero they main, but he just bounces between each role and hero! 

The last person I asked on TikTok was PurfectLioness, and she said, “I think Overwatch 2 is really refreshing. I’m really happy it’s Free-To-Play because it allows people to get into it and not have to pay anything. I think it’s very nostalgic for a lot of us who have been playing Overwatch for a long time or have fallen off from it. I love it! I’m a support and tank main, I just have more fun on those roles!” She likes Reinhardt, D.VA, and Winston for when she plays tank, and when she plays support she usually goes with Mercy or Moira! 

Let’s get the start of this new era on the road and have some fun!