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Managing Editor

Samantha Vasseur


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Taylor Mitchell



Mrs. Sarver


Sports Editor

Seth Miller


News Editor

Isabella Delmotte


Feature Editor

Jillian Clonan


News Writers

Marko Bogojevski

Sean Whitaker


Feature Writers

Emily Cagle

Ryan Tautz

Alyssa Taugher

Nick Accardo


Entertainment Editors/Writers

Bethany Cox

Catera Campbell


Sports Writers

Stefan Stajic

Joe Tocco

Tyler O’Connor

Jake Locricchio

Christian Corey

Matt Biebuyck


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Ava Verchimak

Maddie Kraemer

Christian Corey

Bethany Cox



Samantha Vasseur

Taylor Mitchell

Jillian Clonan


Publication Purpose and Information

The Dakota Planet is a student-produced publication covering topics, events, and ideas important to the school student body and community. We are a new and developing paper working to deliver the news and commentary to our readers in a professional and effective manner.

Our Vision: 

1. Be the voice of the students

2. Inform our community

3. Provide a discussion platform for students

4. Include the WHOLE student body

5. Report on events reflecting all students and activities


Our Responsibilities:

1. Speak the truth

2. Provide relevant information about our current society

3. Tell readers the reality and show all sides of an issue

4. Provide a place for reading enjoyment

5. Be unbiased in reporting

6. Communicate to all students to help join them together

7. Provide factual details and engage the reader

8. Inform and welcome students and people in our community



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