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DreamSMP Stans: A Case Study On Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

DreamSMP Stans: A Case Study On Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

March 25, 2022

I’m sure you all know who Dream is. He is a Minecraft you tuber with 30 million subscribers. He’s known for his Minecraft manhunt series, as well as his Minecraft server, the dream SMP. Many young children and teens have become unhealthily obsessed with the YouTuber and his friends. Of course, it is possible for some people to like dream and the dream SMP without devoting their entire lives to the characters, even if the creators may be problematic. But, this vocal minority of unhealthy stans are a problem that needs to be solved.

1. Shipping Real Life People

dream stans are well known for shipping these you tubers with each other. With some being minors, and others being in their early to late 20s. It is just gross and very uncomfortable for people to have to see themselves in fanart kissing and/or doing inappropriate things with people they know.

1.Dream and another you-tuber, Georgenotfound, kissing. Also known as DNF, or Dreamnotfound.



2.Two MINORS being shipped together: Tommyinnit and Tubbo



3.Tommy, A MINOR, shipped with a man in his late 20s, Wilbursoot. In the dreamsmp cannon, they are supposedly siblings. 😐

2. Sexualizing Real People

if you thought shipping was bad, wait until you see what fans SAY they want from them. They treat these real people like fictional characters, writing wattpad x reader stories and making edits saying how “hot” they are. Sure, it’s ok for people to think celebrities are attractive and wish for the celebrity to date them, but they take it to a whole other level, with creating whole SEXUALITIES around them.
creating a sexuality around a person/people is just wrong on so many levels.



4.A person wanting to ABUSE dream because they think it’s hot to break someone’s ribs.



5.Taken from a video showing dream stan cringe, here’s a person saying that they are more oppressed than the black, asian, and lgbtq communities.



6.this is self explanatory.



7.Someone thinking ‘Dreamgender’ rights are more important than Martin Luther King jr. :/



8.Dude, its a block game. How is that hot? ☹️

3. Making their whole life about Dsmp

Some of these fans take it too far by revolving their entire lives around these you tubers. If a person can’t live for a day without mentioning and/or having something that is about dream and his friends, it’s just not normal.


All in all, the people who take it too far when caring about the dream SMP probably have a lot of trauma that has manifested in this fandom. Again, people may be fans of the dream SMP and are not completely obsessed with them, and that is ok. Because of the events of the past two years, people have coped in different ways, but this is an unhealthy coping mechanism, and people shouldn’t be harassing them because of their interests. To put it simply, these people are mostly children who have dealt with a lot of stuff, and if you know people like this, try and push them in a different, more positive direction.

“I think most dream stans are underage and some of the content said people are looking at is for 18+ so that’s very bad”

“Let’s not fail to mention that dream’s mask/face looks ridiculously similar to a lot of fictional and real serial killers masks…..”

– dream stan expert, Helen Buk 





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