Dakota Cougars Lacrosse Game

Kendyl Miller

On Tuesday April 20 2021, Dakota Cougars Varsity Lacrosse versed St. Claire and came to a hard 11-12 loseWhile leading up to the game, the boys got hyped up jamming to music in the locker room, enjoying their brotherhood together. Despite what the outcome of the game will be, the boys will always have each other’s back. Coming out on the field, despite any drama or nonsense, the boys walk on that field as one full supportive team. The Cougars push their limits and put their heart and dedication into the game. 

The boys came out strong with a heavy lead, never gave up, and fought till the end. Scoring for the Cougars were Brandon Hoerauf with two goals and two assists, Anthony Tocco with two goals and one assist, Robbie Dameron with four goals and three assists, and Carter Kaul with three goals. The team fought hard, causing the game to go into overtime. This is where the Cougars lost. Despite the loss that they have, the boys pushed their hardest throughout the game and did not even think twice about giving up. The brotherhood that is created through the team is strong and carries on through their lives. The Cougars next game is Saturday April 24, 2021, at 12 PM at Troy High School.