Spring Sports and Covid-19 Testing

An inside look on the beginnings of Dakota’s spring sports!


Brooklyn Plitz

   As Dakota’s spring sports have approached, a new precaution has been taken in order to be able to play, rapid Covid testing every week. The test itself is simple, you take your testing stick, put it up your nose, and twist it around five times in each nostril, the worst part is waiting for your test results which you get in about fifteen minutes after you have given your swab to the person responsible. Luckily, from my personal experience, I have Covid tested three times, and each has come back negative.  

    As speaking for the Dakota Varsity Softball team, it has been tough to social distance from one another because we are all close and want to talk to each other but staying safe is our coach’s main priority so we can continue to play with our full team. We all make the best of the situation, knowing that our main goal is to be able to finish our season. After we are all cleared from Covid testing, we are allowed to practice and play in games. As the softball and baseball seasons have started both varsity teams are doing very well, the baseball team is undefeated, and the softball team has a great team filled with nine seniors, as well as four juniors, and three sophomoresAs speaking for all spring sport players, we are all very excited to play for our high school after not being able to play last year due to our departure from school in early March. Wish a good luck to all our spring sport players and coaches and stop by a game or two to support our school! 

Our Dakota Seniors!

Avery Cervone, May Franzoni, and Brooklyn Plitz
Angela Petrovitch and Brooklyn Plitz