Its all about the Ring


Anthony Tocco

Last week in the NBA world, there was a trade deadline on Thursday. Many big stars got traded like Nikola Vucevic going to the Bulls, Victor Oladipo got traded to Miami, and many more trades that made teams better and made teams worse. The Bulls now have a top 4 big man and should make noise in the eastern conference. Also, Aaron Gordan going to Denver, this helps Denver have another power forward that can take the ball and get a basket. The big two signings were not before the deadline, it was after the deadline. San Antonio Spurs power forward LaMarcus Aldridge signed a 1-year deal with the Nets. This just makes this Nets team ridiculous. They now have 5 super stars on one team. If they stay healthy all year long, I believe that no one will stop this team and they will win a championship. Another big signing after the deadline was center Adre Drummond going to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a big move for the lakers. They now have a rim protector and a person that will give them rebounds and buckets any game. They have a reliable center, once Anthony Davis and Lebron James come back, this will be a very good team in the western conference and they have a good chance to make it back in the championship game. Many changes in the NBA world that happened last week. Can’t wait for the playoffs and what the teams will bring to the table.