The Cougars are Still Hungry


Anthony Tocco, Sports Writer

Dakota football is back better the ever. Last week, the Dakota cougars played the Stevenson titans. It was a great game, but the Dakota cougars came up short with the score of 12-7. The Titans were up 12-0 until the early fourth quarter. When Jack Murray blocked the punt and caught it in the endzone.

 It gave the cougars hope and motivation to go out there on offense and go score a touchdown. Kollin Kralapp made the extra point to make it 12-7. It was the first play on offense where Zach Droski threw it deep and it was an incomplete pass to Uko Umana. On the second down, Zach Droski through it down deep again but this was to Clinton Roberson and just couldn’t get control of the ball and slipped out of his hands. The chances of the Cougars winning were slipping away. 

 From those plays, they couldn’t get the ball down field and threw a pick on fourth down. The Titans secured their victory, and the cougars go 1-1. This Friday, the cougars are going against Gross Point South to make their record 2-1. It will be a good match up and fun game to watch. It will be broadcasted like all the other games so everyone can watch it at home. Good luck to are cougars and bring home that win.