Countdown to Climate Change


Alex Gwyn, Writer

If you were to take a trip to New York City, you would most likely notice the large timer used for counting down until New Year’s celebrations, the Metronome, is ticking today. This is all for a completely different reason than any kind of celebration. Displayed is the estimated time until the Earth’s “carbon budget” is completely depleted. 7 years and 102 days is the estimated deadline. Climate change is extremely serious and should be treated as such. Most people don’t want to believe that our futures could be at stake and so nothing mandatory is being required by the government and other authorities. This timer will not be up for long, but the artists: Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd are hoping to arrange a permanent spot for the timer and to continue spreading awareness.

Mass companies continue to emit harmful chemicals into the air daily and do not seem to be planning on stopping anytime soon. Every person can individually do their own part to contribute to the cause by wasting less food and water and always recycling your plastic and paper items. Whether you believe it or not, there is already plenty of evidence showing increases in global temperature and other costly effects like wildfires. If we are going to save the world, we must do it now and together.