5 People Shot By Co-Worker in Milwaukee


Gabby Jones

On Wednesday February 27th, 5 victims were found dead at the Molson Coors Beverage Co.  The suspect was identified as an electrician who had worked at the brewery for 17 years!

“They were part of the fabric of our company and our community and we will miss them terribly.” The CEO of the brewing company explains.  Other co-workers explain that the suspect had been experiencing discrimination because he was African American, though no true motive has been released by authorities.  The gunman, along with 5 others, had died from a gunshot wound, self induced.

This mass murder is extremely unfortunate and is even more terrifying to know that he had been a co-worker of theirs for years and can all the sudden change.  However, if discrimination had been taking place, it is upsetting to know that no one had stepped up to put a stop to the racism.