Senator Peter Lucido, Michigan’s Worst Nightmare

Ok, so Senator peter Lucido from Michigan is trash. Why, you might ask? The two reasons most prominent are the fact that he was part of an anti-Muslim hate group and that he has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. (And he’s an angry, gun-toting, sexist Republican supremacist, but we don’t have time to unpack all that.)  


Sothe anti-Muslim group was a Facebook group started by Charlie Gillett has now been shut down, but while it was active, threats of the most inhumane degree where made towards elected officials, representative Rashida Talib, and Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.  

Now is the time for a trigger warning, I’m going to share some of the things said in the group, and they get very violent and gruesome. So, if you’re sensitive to topics including, shootings, assault, and blood, kindly click away from this article now! 


“She needs a bullet between her eyes,” Spencer Hayward wrote.  


Carl Wilhelm Sr. posted, “How many teeth you figure you could knock out with one swipe with a baseball bat.”  


Mike Nixon suggested, “set that b**** on fire.”  


In an exchange about a photo showing Tlaib posing with the Palestinian flag, group members called for the congresswoman’s death.  


“Die b****,” Gerald Carter wrote.  


Jeannie Percy added, “I wish someone would find this b**** in a dark alley.”  


Tommy D’avignon followed up: “Death to this b**** and her voters.”                                     

(All quotes found from the Metro Times article about the group, written by  Steve Neavling ) 

Senator Lucido is a known member of this group and has not been shy with his opinions of Governor Whitmer in the past. This group, as well as being racist and discriminatory, was sexist, homophobic, and transphobic. In case you were wondering, yes, it is a felony (which means its illegal folks) to make threats toward an elected official. So, there’s that…  


His other characteristics are just as vile, but let’s chat about the sexism and harassment. He is now being brought up for formal sexual harassment charges, and he deserves to be. Here’s a reason why: 




Lucido then claimed that his comments were partially due too his inability to talk to women because he went to an all boys high school, De La Salle. Just to  shed some light on that B.S. excuse, Peter Lucido is 59 years old, he hasn’t been in high school for 40 years! If he hasn’t learned, throughout his entire career, how to appropriately talk to women, I worry about his mental state. So, I think we can all say ok, Boomer to this one. 

Well there you have it, Senator Lucido is trash.