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My Playlist for quarantine

April 1, 2020

Since we're all stuck in quarantine, music is something we can go to for boredom relief, Here are some songs (Some fitting for the pandemic, some I just enjoy) you can listen to Lonely by Palaye Royale my strange addiction...

My top 5 EPs of the 2010s

Stefano Gai

March 13, 2020

So at the end of last year I did my top 10 albums of the decades, now this is my list of my 5 favorite EPs of the last century.  BoomBoomRoom (Side B) by Palaye Royale  They weren’t on my last list because I just got in...

A True Artist

Cydney Long, Writer

March 4, 2020

On February 19th, 2020 we have yet again lost another great, Bashar Barakah Jackson but known professionally as Pop Smoke. He was an American rapper and song writer. Pop was truly taken from us too soon. His career was taking...

The Finale of the After Midnight EP

Stefano Gai

February 28, 2020

The After Midnight saga has been brought to an End, and the end result is very good. The final song from the Midnight B sides was released by Set It Off on Valentine's Day, and rather than it being a song for lovers, i...

A Mini Review of Bobcat Bonnie’s: The Newest Restaurant at Partridge Creek

Kellin Hughes, Feature Writer and Not Very Good at Reviews

February 19, 2020

Who's Bonnie and why is she a Bobcat?

Adopt Don’t Shop: Saving Those in Need or An Unattainable Task?

Deandra Spaniolo

February 13, 2020

  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “adopt don’t shop” many times before. Dakota itself has posters singing its praise plastered on its very walls, but have you ever considered that adopting is easier said than done...

Senator Peter Lucido, Michigan’s Worst Nightmare

Katie Kraemer, Photographer

January 24, 2020

Ok, so Senator peter Lucido from Michigan is trash. Why, you might ask? The two reasons most prominent are the fact that he was part of an anti-Muslim hate group and that he has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. (And he’s an an...

My Top 3 Animated Halloween Movies

Andrea Rico

October 11, 2019

Now that October’s here, there are many great Halloween family movies out there. Here are my top 3 favorite animated films I recommend watching!  Coraline- Throughout my childhood, I always found this movie a bit scary,...

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