Peeps- Delicious or Disgusting?


With Easter approaching us, holiday-themed candies have been hitting the shelves. Jellybeans, Recess eggs, and chocolates bunnies are typical things that are brought back into rotation in the spring. Some people like them, some people don’t- and some candies cause a lot more controversy than others. Peeps, one of the most infamous Easter candies, are slowly making a return as April approaches. Peeps are a combination of colored sugar and marshmallow, creating a fluffy mixture that’s molded into the classic chick shape. A popular holiday variation is the same candy, but in the shape of a bunny- perfect for spring!  

Peeps, in their popularity, aren’t universally loved though. It’s a debate that gets brought back up every year when the weather starts to shift from winter into the warmer season- are peeps good? Some people wait all year for a chance to eat the treat while it’s in season and others launch into rants about why they are terrible whenever a Peep is in sight. In this article we will go over the several aspects to Peeps and argue both sides of the question. At the end of the article, after pondering their own opinions, readers can vote- and we can see how the Dakota community really feels about Peeps! Obviously, everyone’s tastebuds are different, but there is more to a candy than just the taste!  

The positive aspects of Peeps are clear. It’s candy. Peeps are colorful, fun, and holiday themed- they are the perfect treat for parties and other related events. The colors and unique shape make them enticing for younger children and the scarcity of them makes them somewhat of a delicacy for the people eating them. Peeps have a taste and texture that’s vastly different from the sort of thing that people usually think of when candy comes to mind.  

The negative aspects of Peeps are harder to see, as they come from the inside. Peeps are primarily sugar and are not good for your health- Peeps have carnauba wax in them, something that is used in leather and furniture. Not to mention that their sticky, marshmallow-like texture can be quite a mess, as well as a choking hazard for younger children.  

There are also neutral aspects to Peeps- things that could go either way depending on the person. This includes things like the texture and taste, as it is up to the individual to decide their opinion. Here are some opinions on Peeps from some Dakota students:  

“I like Peeps- especially the peppermint bark ones”- Mackenzie Patenaude 

““I hate Peeps. They are way too sweet, and marshmallows are gross. All I think of when I see them is the scene in Dance Moms where Abby is eating them in the audience”- Ryenne Ashworth 

“So, I love what peeps look like- I think they are so cute. When I was little, I had a Peep stuffed animal that I carried everywhere with me. The taste though- I mean I tried to force myself to like them because they’re so cute but they’re just eh. They taste better than normal marshmallows at least”- Meredith Benedict  

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