Books To Read!

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There are many amazing books out there to read and explore! If you are new to reading books for fun or looking for something new to read here are some suggestions:  


Title: I’ll Give You the Sun 

Author: Jandy Nelson 

Genre: Young Adult Fiction  

Date of Publication: September 16, 2014 

Recommended Reading Level: 9th grade+ 

Description: Noah and Jude Sweetwine are twins who lost their mom. They used to be inseparable but now barely speak. Each twin tells their story during different points of their life as they try to come to terms with the unique circumstances surrounding her death and try to find their way back to each other. 


Title: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  

Author: Douglas Adams   

Genre: Science/Humorous Fiction 

Date of Publication: October 12, 1979 

Recommended Reading Level: 9th grade+ 

Description: Authur Dent is grumpy man who complins a lot. His friend, Ford Perfect, is a secret alien who was sent to earth on a mission. Both their lives are interrupted when one day a spacecraft takes over and says they need to destroy earth to make room for a spacecraft. In a panic Ford takes Aurthur with him to space to save him and their journey begins.  


Title: The Book Thief  

Author: Markus Zusak 

Genre: Historical/Young Adult Fiction 

Date of Publication: 2005 (exact date unknown)  

Recommended Reading Level: 7th grade+ 

Description: Liesel Meminger is a little girl in the beginning of WW2. Her and her family disagrees with how the rest of Germany views Jewish people but don’t publicly protest out of fear. Eventually her parents bring home Max Vandenburg. Max is a Jewish man hiding to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. Throughout this story Liesel grows and learns of the gravity of her situation. And the story is narrated from the perspective from death.  


Title: The House on the Cerulean Sea 

Author: T. J. Klune  

Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural Fiction, Romance 

Date of Publication: March 17, 2020 

Recommended Reading Level: 7th grade+  

Description: Linus Baker is a gloomy, rule-following, government worker. He works for DICOMY which is in charge of overseeing the foster houses with “magical youths” (AKA kids with magical powers or who are non-human). He gets sent on a special mission to look over a house that has been rumored to be the most dangerous because of the children in it. The story progresses as he interacts and bonds with the kids as they go on fun adventures.  


Trigger Warnings: 

Possible triggers for each book are listed below rather than with the book to avoid spoilers.  

I’ll Give You the Sun: SA, death, homophobia, bullying,  

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: loss of home  

The Book Thief: death, war, separation from parents,  

The House on the Cerulean Sea: foster care system, child abuse, violence 


  • Writers Note: The books I’ll Give You the Sun and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are by far the best on this list. I recommend all the books listed but especially these two.