Love is Spoken Here: An MLK Tribute

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Tori DeAngelis

On January 20th, Martin Luther King Jr. is honored for his continuous fight for civil rights for all people. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about love as it was the only way to have our nation come together. He expressed that “We must discover the power of love, and when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world, for love is the only way. There is power in love.”  

In tribute to Martin Luther King Jr, I wrote a poem signifying the words of love he spoke so dearly about: 


I have to sit in the back of the bus, 

They are treated better than us. 

They say America is the land of the free, 

But the rights do not apply to me. 

Love is not spoken here. 


When Martin Luther came along, 

We all stood together proud and strong. 

There was no denying what was true, 

We are just as good as you. 

Love is spoken here. 


The bullies at school, they laugh and tease, 

Their heavy fists bring me down on my knees.  

These sleeves cover the cuts I hide, 

I contemplate where my noose should be tied. 

Love is not spoken here. 


I dial that 1-800 number, 

I hope they can pull me out from under. 

They remind me of all the good in life, 

Now I don’t hesitate to put down my knife. 

Love is spoken here. 


I sense they enjoy my wince of pain, 

  The wall is newly decorated with my bloodstain. 

This house is not a safe place, 

I don’t want a fist; I want a warm embrace. 

Love is not spoken here. 


My parents now walk with their hands tied, 

Heads sunken down and dark eyed. 

The police gave me my life back, 

I will never suffer another smack. 

Love is spoken here. 


There are people who feel love nowhere, 

But we can make love be spoken everywhere.