Please Help the Victims of Australia’s Fires


Melina Hicks, Writer

It’s wildfire season in Australia and the massive bushfires that have been sweeping the nation have shocked locals in their size and ferociousness. 

Since the start of the 2019 fire season, a staggering 7 million hectares have been burned, with all states and territories impacted except the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). 

To put these numbers into perspective, the areas burned in total are almost the same size as the country of EnglandThe California fires of 2018 burned approximately 800,000 hectares, and the devastating fires that shocked the world in the Amazon Rainforest burned 900,000. 

For this fire season 24 people have been killed, including several volunteer firefighters.

Millions of animals are likely dead, with many more negatively affected by the fires.


Australia needs help, so any donation no matter the amount would really make a difference. 

Here are some sites you can give donations towards: