Wildfires Spreading in California

Arianna Perfetto

At least three wildfires have erupted around Southern California due to dry air and strong winds on Thursday.  The fires spread quickly and caused evacuation of 100,000 people around Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted out early today, “Mandatory evacuation zone has been expanded.” Many residents were found 20 miles northwest in neighborhoods.

Early Friday the Los Angeles fire department reported that the fire had spread 2,000 acres and 400 fire fighters were trying to keep it down. Many homes began to burn down Thursday just before the power companies were turning off electricity. Electricity was turned off in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Kern effecting around 20,000 people.

California has been turning off power to about 2 million people anywhere remotely close to Los Angeles. Dangerous winds and dry conditions have caused many wildfires which are being taken care of. The people who are powerless has gone down to 510,000 around Los Angeles and more fire fighters are helping take action.