Dakota JV Football Game vs Anchor Bay: September 12, 2019

Attention Dakota High School Studentssss… me, Niayah Taylor, is coming at you with a report on the JV football game against Anchor Bay that took place on September 12, 2019! The score was 38-14. On this game day, it was sprinkling, cold, a little misty. On the JV team, there are a total about 56 players on the team. There are a total of 4 main coaches: Mr.Morrow, Mr.Taurence, Mr. Lozon, and Mr. Shelby. (Fun fact, I had Mr.Taurence as a teacher in 9th grade, which is pretty funny.) But anyways, nobody got injured from our team, but some kid from Anchor Bay broke his ankle. So, the JV’s record so far is 3-0. Catch them at their next game on September 19th at Stevenson at 7:00 p.m. Keep it up boys! 🙂