Remembering 9/11


“Never forget.”

People hear those words all the time, but on September 11, 2001, America meant them. This year, a Twitter trend started to honor the hero dogs of the terror attacks as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Started by Twitter user Clays and Birds, countless photos of rescue animals filled the thread, telling tails of service and loyalty. While this may be a lighter tone compared to the heavy grieving that normally takes place on September 11th, it is important to remember the fallen heroes we lost, as well as continue to lose.

Most recently on June 11th, comedian Jon Stewart stood in front of Congress to fight to extend a bill that was funding 9/11 survivors for treatment and care that they direly need. The rescue personnel inhaled smoke, toxins, and trauma, along with many other things. “This bill is about fulfilling our promise to ‘Never Forget,’” Representative Carolyn B. Maloney stated. On July 23rd, the bill passed in the Senate 97-2, after being passed in the House of Representatives 402-12.

2,753 people in New York died.

343 paramedics and firemen died.

60 police officers died.

America will never forget.


Photo courtesy of the Detroit Lions Twitter account.

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