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Chapter One To A Freshman’s Ultimate Guide To High School

Samantha Vasseur, Managing Editor

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Welcome Freshman to the ultimate guide to high school from the expert of high school…a senior.


The number one rule to high school is TAKE REQUIRED CLASSES FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE YEAR.

Listen I know what you’re thinking I don’t want to take gym, government, economics, health, etc. I want to take Newspaper, Art, Choir, and all the other fun classes. You’ll eventually get there but if you get the required classes out of the way so you schedule gets more fun junior and senior year.

What I did freshman year was take my foreign language class for one year and took health. Then sophomore year I took Gym I and II I was then put in Geometry Focus so I was unable to take the rest of the classes I wanted to that year.

(Also small disclaimer don’t be embarrassed if the counselors put you in classes that will help you not everyone has to take, it will eventually help you, I was in it second semester of 9th and all of 10th grade. Everyone learns at their own pace :))

I then took all the other required classes junior year which is making senior year super fun and I can fill my schedule with classes I am interested in like Newspaper and Photography.

Also ask your counselors about alternative classes you can take instead of the require ones. As you can see I didn’t take the required two years of a language because I talked to my counselor and she informed me that if you take two years of an art you can only need one year of a language. The art classes aren’t always traditional art Photography, Choir, Band, and Graphic Design are just a few that aren’t typically associated with art

Most importantly have fun high school isn’t the most important four years of your life but it is part of it so make it fun and enjoy it!

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Samantha Vasseur, Managing Editor

Samantha Vasseur is a senior at Dakota and has been part of The Dakota Planet for two years now.  She's the newspaper's Managing Editor and enjoys taking...

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Chapter One To A Freshman’s Ultimate Guide To High School