Dakota Cougars Take On Chippewa Valley Big Reds

Joe Tocco

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The biggest game in the state #7 Chippewa Valley against #12 Dakota Cougars, both teams came into this game with a record of 4-0. The Cougars were looking for revenge from last year when Chippewa Valley took the victory. In attendance to this game, channel 4,7, Detroit News and Channel 99.5 to see one of the biggest rivalries in the state. The Dakota student section was hyped up the whole game cheering on the team till the end and the players feed off their energy all game long. Coming into this game there was 25 mph winds, this will affect both teams passing game and they will both have to grind the run game in this one. To start out the game Dakota stopped Chip forcing them to punt, but Dakota had trouble handling the punt and Chip got the ball back in Dakota territory. Dakota ended up holding Chip only to a field goal making the score 3-0 Chippewa. The next drive Chippewa ended up forcing Dakota to punt, the next play Chippewa Valleys quarterback Tommy Schuster throws a 24-yard touchdown pass to his tight end making the score 10-0 Chippewa Valley. The next possession Dakota put a nice drive together with Dustin Solomon scoring a 4-yard touchdown run to make the score 10-7 Chippewa. There were no scores up until half time, but right before half time star running back Dustin Solomon goes down with a knee injury all of Dakota is devastated and missing a key part of their offense. We are hoping Dustin has a speedy recovery and hope he will be back on the field in no time. Coming out the half Chippewa Valley scored twice making the score 24-7 in the fourth quarter. Dakota was not going down without a fight; the next drive DJ Stepney scores a 6-yard touchdown run making the score 24-14. Dakota ended up getting the onside kick and Ross Lewalski getting a big catch putting them in scoring position and Dakota ended up kicking a field goal making it 24-17. Dakota got the ball back after stopping Chip, and on that drive Patrick Merolla had a catch of the ages saving Dakota and putting them closer to scoring. Unfortunately, the Cougars could not convert on 4th down giving Chippewa the victory in this amazing game that led up to all the hype. The Cougars fought hard and did everything they could to win this game. Dakota is matched up with Ford this Friday for their homecoming game and look to come back better than ever.