NBA Playoffs are Heating Up!

Nicholas Falls, Feature Reporter

The NBA Playoffs have just begun, and things are really heating up. The best eight teams from the Western conference and the best eight teams from the Eastern conference meet for a chance to advance to the NBA Finals to win the NBA’s Larry O’ Brian trophy. There are some series that have become very intriguing even after just two games.  

Arguably the most intriguing series so far is the Cavs vs. Pacers. The Cavs came into this series led by LeBron James, the greatest basketball player of our generation and one of the best players to ever play the game. James has not lost a game in a first round series since 2012. In Game 1 of the series, the upstart Pacers came out and convincingly took the first game by a score of 99-80. LeBron and the Cavs were outplayed on every level. Although the Cavs did storm back in Game 2, winning by a score of 100-97. Game 3 is was taken by the Pacers in another close one, 100-97. 

Another intriguing series is the Heat vs. 76ers. The 76ers are coming into this postseason with a very young team. Despite them being very young, the 76ers blew out the Heat in Game 1 by a score of 130-103, in a game that was never close in the second half. The Heat came back in a surprising performance in Game 2 by winning 113-103. 14-year veteran and former Heat star Dwyane Wade came off the bench and scored 28 points. Game 3 was taken by the 76ers in another convincing performance. 

A big upset brewing in the playoffs so far, is the No.6 seed New Orleans Pelicans are up 2-0 in their series against No.3 seed Portland Trail Blazers. Pelicans star Anthony Davis is showing that they have a big star with Anthony Davis as he scored 35 points in Game 1, as the Pelicans stole Game 1. The Pelicans were then led by veteran Jrue Holiday with 33 pts and 9 assists in a 111-102 win in Game 2 over the Blazers. The Pelicans finished off a sweep of the Blazers on Saturday night. 

Those are some of the most intriguing series in the NBA Playoffs so far this year. Tune in every night to see the battle for the NBA Finals!