Importance of Healing Sport Injuries

Importance of Healing Sport Injuries

Every person is attainable to injuries, it’s how people handle them that makes a difference. A difference in the individuals mind and body.

Athletes experience different levels of pain whether it be a small muscle cramp or a major injury that takes them out of the game. The possibility of getting an injury is part of the deal when somebody signs up for a sport or any athletic training.

A common thing that is noticeable in the average athlete is they brush their pain off. Someone will get a miniscule injury and think nothing of it; they will take some medicine and keep participating in their sport. These little pains will then begin to grow as they keep performing through the pain. All athletes will have personal experience with such a thing. Some people may not even be aware of an injury because pain is a part of normalcy. Pain becomes a part of everyday life, and they can’t recognize the pain anymore

As a dancer I have experience with this, from little injuries that turn into big and some that have been hanging around for around five to ten years. One example is when I was eight, I fractured my ankle, I was in a cast for about 5 weeks. The injury did not fully heal but, I had the cast removed so I would be able to dance in the Nutcracker play. Since then, I have had many reinjuries of the ankle, not as severe as the original fracture. I have constant pain in the ankle, and it has weakened. I get minor injuries all the time, but I chose to push through the pain. I will refuse doctor attention because I don’t want to be taken out of a season.

I am sure that is a mindset that all athletes experience. No athlete wants to be taken out of the sport they love doing.

This choice that many athletes make isn’t the best option. Once pain is potent, they should seek medical attention.

The body is something that stays with someone their whole life. It needs to be treated like glass- or any fragile object.

If Injuries are not treated correctly new symptoms and side effects may begin to develop.

Some Injuries that are easily overlooked and the negative outcomes on your body if not treated.  

Concussions: memory loss, eye pain and loss of sight, constant nausea, brain swelling, sleep disturbance, vertigo, and epilepsy.

Fractures: pain, deformity (incorrectly heal), joint damage, arthritis, blood clots, muscle and nerve damage, and tissue loss.

Soft tissue injuries: ligaments, tendons, muscles: pain, instability, disability, and arthritis.

Injuries, big or small, need to be taken more seriously. Especially for athletes.

Don’t think “I’m too strong for the doctor” OR “I’ll be fine, this is normal.” It most likely is not normal. The stubborn brain will trick your body to push through the pain just to do something that brings you joy.

Get your injuries resolved as soon as possible. Don’t let your body deteriorate little by little