MSU Men’s Basketball wins PK80 Invitational


The Michigan State Spartans beat the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the PK80 Invitational tournament.

No. 4 Michigan State dominates No. 9 North Carolina 63-45 to win the Victory Bracket of the PK80 Invitational. Michigan State was led by the sophomore Joshua Langford, who had a career high 23 points. Jangford was backed by the rest of his team, shooting a for a combined 40% field goal percentage. Michigan State’s defense was also a huge factor in the Spartan’s win. MSU’s defense contested 42 of the 61 shots taken by the Tar Heels. Michigan State outplayed UNC in almost every way possible. Roy Williams, UNC’s coach, was interviewed after the game and said, “They were physically, mentally, and emotionally more into the game than my club was.” North Carolina put up a 24.6% field goal percentage, which is the worst in the school’s history for one game. When Coach Roy Williams was asked about the game, his response was, “Well it was about as bad an exhibition as I’ve ever seen.” This was the first time that Tom Izzo, MSU’s coach, beat Roy Williams in a game since Izzo has been head coach of the Spartans.