BIG 10 Championship


Jake Wigginton, Writer

This weekend is the BIG 10 championship to make it into the college playoffs. The two teams that are going against each other are University of Michigan and Purdue University, the spread of the game is -16.5 Michigan. Michigan is coming off a 22-point win over their rival the Ohio State Buckeyes. JJ McCarthy noted after the Ohio State game: “it was great and all to get the win, every win is great, and especially this one but at the end of the day this one doesn’t even matter, the jobs not finished. We got so much more to do and so many places to go. The jobs not finished and we’re ready to get after it”. As Michigan is 12-0, Blake Corrum has a season ending injury in his knee, he will be out for the rest of season and have rest of the time to heal and get back to 100%. As Michigan’s running game is a little cut back from Blake Corrum’s injury, they still have Donovan Edwards which for Michigan has been stellar this season having almost 700 rushing yards with 92 attempts, each play he runs the ball he averages 7.5 yards per run. Purdue’s quarterback Aiden O’Connell he has thrown for over 3,100+ yards this season with 22 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Devan Mockobee has had 165 rushing attempts with 850 rushing yards, grabbing 8 touchdowns in the process. Purdue’s wide receiver Charlie Jones has been doing phenomenal this season with 97 receptions and 1,199 yards while having 12 touchdowns.