NHL Outfits


Jake Wigginton , Writer

Fashion around sports is a big deal, for example hockey players don’t get enough attention to their outfits like the NFL and NBA players do, so here are a couple of examples of some of the top players in the league.

Mo Seider (right) is rocking the navy blue pin stripe suit looks very clean.

Filip Hronek (left) is wearing a very nice black suit with a white undershirt.

(Detroit Red Wings)



Cole Caufield (Montreal Canadiens) is rocking a tan suit with black pin stripes with a black undershirt and black tie.

Patrick Laine (Columbus Blue Jackets) attire is a rainbow two-piece suit very unique

Vincent Trocheck (New York Rangers) is wearing a blue and green plaid with a green tie.


Erik Karlson (San Jose Sharks) is wearing a grey plaid suit with a grey plaid tie and a grey flat hat on top.

William Nylander (Toronto Maple Leaf’s ) is showcasing a black suit with a white undershirt with blue Jordans.