Dakota Dance Team Regional Competition


This past Sunday on November 6th, 2022, Dakota Varsity and Junior Varsity dance teams competed at a regional competition. Previously they have been performing at football games, but behind the scenes they have been preparing for their competitive season. These girls and coaches put in a lot of time and discipline so they could achieve great things. In which they did just that.

The competition was held at Rochester High School under the corporation Dance Team Union. The competition includes age and skill categories ranging from elementary to varsity level. Dakota’s JV team went against six teams for both jazz and pom. The Varsity team competed in the large Varsity category; They went against four teams for their jazz and six for their pom routine.

Each team performed extremely well. They executed amazing technique, energy, cleanliness, and most of all pure enjoyment. Those girls love going out on to the floor and giving it their all. Their fans also love supporting the teams and watching them perform. The excitement and joy of the dancers is very noticeable by the audience.

Their results were incredible! The Junior Varsity team took home 1st place in their pom routine and 2nd place in their jazz. The Varsity team took home a double win, getting 1st place in both of their routines. The Varsity’s jazz routine achieved the highest scoring routine of the whole competition. Varsity’s jazz routine also won the fan favorite which was voted by the audience and a special award called the “wow” award.

This is just a sneak peek into what this team is going to achieve this season. If you want to see them perform, their next competition takes place at Dakota on January 14th, 2023.