Help Save the Polar Bears


As you may know polar bears are endangered because of global warming but there is also another cause to them being endangered. The government has opened more than 1.5 million acres of Alaska’s artic to oil and gas drilling. Heavy trucks are crushing polar bear dens. On top of the trucks crushing their dens they also scare mother polar bears resulting in them abandoning their cubs leaving them to perish which causes the polar bear population to further decline. The Southern Beaufort polar bear population is the worlds most imperiled polar bears with as few as 900 individuals. As they keep drilling for oil the Beaufort polar bear population will continue decrease. The artic is home to many other animals other than just polar bears. They are also being put in danger which could cause many other animals living in the artic to become endangered. Polar bears are already on the edge of going extinct and with the oil and gas drilling the population will continue to decrease and soon there will be no polar bears left. Oil and gas drilling also contributes to global warming. If you would like to help stop oil and gas drilling in the artic I have linked a petition below.