Revenge Game… but for which QB?

Francesco Gerardi, Writer

On Sunday, October 24th, the Detroit Lions (0 – 7) faced off at Sofi Stadium against the L.A. Rams (6 – 1).

Earlier in the off-season, the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the L.A. Rams in exchange for 3 draft picks and quarterback Jared Goff. Stafford leaving Detroit was said to be mutual, whereas Goff’s departure from L.A. is said to be a little more of a touchy subject. Rumor has it that when Goff found out he was traded to the Lions and the Ram’s head coach Sean McVay called to tell him, Goff hung up on him!

Prior to the start of the game, the old teammate’s and ownership clubs shared conversation and laughter. However, a game is a game, and it was a competition. Pre-game ended and both quarterbacks retired to their respective locker rooms, with Stafford in the home locker room and Goff for the first time in the Ram’s guest locker room.

The Lions started the game hot, leading the first quarter by utilizing constant trick plays and finally working together like a team. The lead was short lived as L.A. scored back-to-back touchdowns and dominated the second quarter. Sadly, the Ram’s led the rest of the game. The Lion’s only chance was to strike back with a touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter but QB Jared Goff threw and interception and the game ended with the Lion’s falling 19-28, continuing to the be the only NFL team without a win.