Dakota Girls’ Cross Country

The Centerline meet at the Carl Schoenesee Memorial on Saturday,  September 23rd, was one for the books. The scorching 93 degree heat played a major effect on the girls, but failed to defeat the Dakota Cougars. While some could argue that the heat was too intense to run, the team kept treading with faces drenched in beads of sweat and through air so thick their chests were puffed to get enough air. Their hard work shown through their determined faces and fast arms and legs. The course was flat and easy to maneuver. The course was in the shape of a figure eight, and the girls were required to run the path three times to reach the distance of 5 kilometers. The team placed third overall,  with seven girls surpassing their personal  records (PR). Hannah Faustyn came in first place for the Varsity Girls, running the 5k in 19:28. Abby Bojanowski got first place for the Junior Varsity girls. Once  again, the Dakota Cougars were able  to surprise everyone at the Carl Schoenesee Memorial. The girls are now preparing for their race on Friday, September 29th.