Amy Barrett – An Overview of the New Supreme Court Justice Nominee

On September 26th, President Trump announced his nominee for the new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Barrett. She will be his third nomination since he entered office. 

Judge Barrett seems like a very qualified nominee for the position; she graduated from Rhodes College and Notre Dame Law School. She was a professor and a litigator before being confirmed as a Federal judge in 2017. Along with the support if President Trump, Barret has the approval of Mitch Mconnell and many other senators. 

Her personal qualifications include being a mother of seven, and a mother of a special needs child as one of her sons has Downs Syndrome. She would be the fifth woman to ever serve as a Justice and the only Justice to graduate from a school other than Harvard or Yale. 

This nomination coming so soon after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was somewhat of a scandal. Ginsburg’s legacy was the passing of laws that created equal opportunity and protections for women in America. There is speculation that if Barrett is appointed it will mean the end for certain cases Ginsburg spent her life on. For example, because of Barretts Republican stance and religious views, Roe v Wade is likely to be overturned. It is also suspect that the President is rushing this nomination so that the Supreme Court will have a republican majority by two before the election in November. 

Barretts religious views do raise concern for her ability to remain logical. She and her husband are part of a small and obscure catholic group called People of Praise. This group seems highly focused on Community and severe devotion to the religious leaders. Hopefully this won’t affect her ability to impartial if she is appointed to the Supreme Court.