Results of This Year’s HOSA Regionals Competition

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Melina Warda, Writer

On February 4th, students in the medical organization known as Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA were able to compete in a regional championship at Fraser High School, bringing home the gold, silver, and their cougar pride.  

For those who are still unsure as to what HOSA is or stands for, their official website “” explains that HOSA is an “international student organization promoting career opportunities in the healthcare industry and enhancing the delivery of quality healthcare.” Students who take part in HOSA competitions are required to perform two skills, take a proctored test, or both, competing in front of a series of judges which makes their wins at regional even more impressive! Towards the end of the day, once all skills had been judged, those who placed first, second, and third were recognized with medals, and the top 8 were granted the opportunity to enter in states.  

For one of the first events, HOSA bowl team Delanie Danyal, Sarah Bazzi, Yousif and Salam Basheer took a written test on both procedure and medical knowledge, moving onto round 2 where they competed against another adjourning team to answer the most questions. The team ended up dominating the competition and took home the gold for Dakota High school, winning first place.  

For the Career Health Display team, partners Kiera Pomeroy and Payton Patrick developed a specific display of a specific career in health and presented their findings to the judges, placing top 8 in their division.   

CPR first aid teams completed the written test and afterwards, working together to perform their skills in a mock emergency situation. Isabelle Laursen and Sam Allous scored up to 2nd place while adjourning team Luke Karrumi and Alexis Lietz made top 8.  

Mariah Belmont completed a written test and performed a skill that specialized in her field, scoring top 8 in veterinary science.  

In the Physical Therapy Aide category, students completed a written test and performed one or more skills after being given a mock scenario. Out of Dakota High School alone, Veronica Jakosalem placed first, Camryn Ash just below her in 2nd place with Trevor Dinkin and Kennedy Pring in the top 8. 

Karen Mei took home the gold as she won first in her category of Pharmacy Science, completing her written test and performing her skills flawlessly.  

The category Nursing Assisting was a big win for Dakota High School with Tianah Marenah reeling in first place and Shea Moran just behind her with an impressive 3rd place win. To add onto their already piling achievements, Allancia Hirmiz even placed in the top 8! Not far off from the category of assisting, Aleksandra Stojcevski came in with a tough act to beat when she performed skills in Medical Assisting, winning third overall in her category! 

Emma Thamarus won big with her first-place win in Home Health Aide category, Gazelle Allous right with her in the top 8 of that division.  

 Erin Angeles stood alone in her category as she completed her written test with tie breaker questions, winning top 8 in Pathophysiology with Madison Kakoz doing the same in her category, Nutrition! 



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