Ways You Can Choose Kindness in Our School


Since today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, what better way to celebrate the day than to spread some kindness around our school! Whether you are declaring a heartwarming poem to someone or just simply giving a compliment to a stranger, all of it counts as one step towards a kinder world. We all need it sometimes. So, here are a few ways you can fill our school with a little more tender-heartedness. 


1. Give someone a compliment

 As was mentioned earlier, giving just one compliment to someone a day can really impact a person and their mood. Who knows? Maybe they were having a bad day and what you said gave them just the boost they needed to turn it around. Depending on their reaction it can even make you feel better knowing you made someone smile.  

2. Speak with a student you’ve never spoken to before

Though it may be hard talking to someone you don’t know, just giving yourself a little push can be all the more effective! The stranger could even be feeling just as nervous as you to start one so why not be the first one? Talking can take the tension out of the situation as both of you may relate to each other in some way, ultimately could end with you making a new friend.  

3. Put a sticky note with a nice message on someone’s locker

If you want to stay more anonymous, you can always write someone a simple message and stick it where you know they can find it–in this case, someone’s locker. Sometimes, going about things in a private way is the better alternative. By sending your chosen student a small message, it lets them know that someone is thinking of them. They may feel noticed by someone or cared for, an emotion that some students in our school don’t normally feel very often.

4. Buying someone a snack from the cougar den or lunch line

Though costly, it’s memorable and effective. It doesn’t even have to be a stranger either. It can be a friend who you notice doesn’t buy lunch or bring it to school. By doing this, it can let someone know that you thought of them and went out of your way to do something. And even if you are worried that they don’t like what you bought them, at least you tried! It shows that you care. And the person probably feels that too.  

5. Holding the door open  


Just a simple act of service to others can make all the difference. It’s sometimes not even noticeable either but it makes all the difference for those who may be having a rough day. Holding the door for another student can even make traffic flow a little bit smoother too.  

 6. Tutoring/ help someone with an assignment  

If you know someone who is struggling with their homework or is stuck with an overwhelming assignment, why not lend a hand? When you are able to transfer your knowledge to someone else, it can take the stress off them a bit like a weight lifted off their shoulders. And you did it for them! By extending your abilities to someone else, it shows that you are dependable and willing to help others. This simple thing can build students’ cooperation in our school.  

7. Work with someone you’ve never worked with before 

For the final random act of kindness, here’s a bolder approach. If you perhaps see someone who’s by themselves while the teacher says to get into a group, go over to that person and introduce yourself. Most of us know what it’s like to be alone in something, maybe feeling a tad bit more embarrassed than usual. And most of us are waiting for someone to reach out to us and introduce themselves, allowing us to come and work with them. Why not be that person in our school?