Adopt a Pet for the Holidays!

Adopt a Pet for the Holidays!

The Detroit Animal Shelter 

As the holiday season approaches everyone loves spending time with family and friends and having a home to get comfy and relax in. Sadly, thousands of pets don’t have a loving home to relax in. Animals that don’t have a home are stuck in small cages by themselves for the holidays. There are over 250 animals in the Detroit Animal Shelter. These animals get here by being brought in by animal control found wandering the streets or by families giving them away. 

The Detroit animal shelter was waving all adoption fees for the week of thanksgiving to ensure animals would get a new home to enjoy for the holidays. Christmas is the perfect time to get a new pet, especially if you have children that are begging for a new puppy.  

If you are not able to adopt a new pet but you want to help, you can always foster. Fostering animals is a great thing to do. It helps the animals be happy in a home while trying to find a permanent home. Animals in shelters are stuck in small changes and only come out one to two times a day. Bringing these furballs home helps them have fun instead of being depressed. Fostering is also a good way to see if a pet is good for your home and maybe you will end up adopting the pet you foster. Be careful with fostering animals if you own other animals because you don’t want a fight to start.  

Another reason to adopt or foster a pet over the holidays is, they help reduce anxiety. Here are some statistics on pets helping with anxiety found:

  •  95% of pet parents rely on their pet for stress relief. 
  • Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) pet parents say they take better care of their pet than themselves. 
  • People overwhelmingly (70%) say they would rather spend time with their pet than watch television (30%) to de-stress. 
  • Nearly half of people surveyed (47%) say their pets help them be physically active. 
  • 70% of employed pet owners say they would be happier and more productive if they could have their pet at work with them, either on site or remote. 
  • The most popular ways pets help people de-stress is snuggling (68%), making their owners laugh (67%) and helping them feel less lonely (61%). 


The Detroit animal shelter is located at 7401 Chrysler Dr. They are open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. all dogs and cats will be fully vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped. 

The Michigan Humane Society 

Since the holidays are coming up in December the Michigan Humane Society wants to help put the “home” in the holidays. They are giving away special holiday gift stockings with every adoption made. These stockings have new toys and treats for your new pet. Providing you with some stuff helps your family start off right with your pet.  

Paws for Life Rescue 

Paws for life rescue is a non-profit organization in southeast Michigan. This rescue is operated by volunteers. They rescue dogs and cats from overflowing shelters. Their goal is to save two lives at once, the one they take from the shelter and the one that will take over the kennel at the shelter they were in. 

 Paws for life is participating in the annual kibbles & bids virtual auction. The auction is to help raise $15,000 for homeless pets.  There are tons of gift baskets and goodies for you to win, there is a deal for you and everyone on your holiday list.