Taylor Hawkins


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GEELONG, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 4: (AUSTRALIA OUT) Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters performs on stage at GHMBA Stadium March 4, 2022 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Paul Rovere/The Age/Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Taylor Hawkins. One of the most talented, motivated, passionate musicians and drummers in the world. What shined brighter than his various talents was his beautiful heart for the people and world around him. On March 25th, 2022, this huge light grew dim on earth, but lit up Heaven, when he passed away in his Four Seasons Hotel room in Colombia. Before entering his room, Hawkins had mentioned feelings of chest pains. Medical professionals have stated that his heart was double the size of the average heart, weighing at least 600 grams. It’s possible that he lost his life due to cardiac arrest.

His sudden death was shocking, and heartbreaking. He played what ended up being his final show just five days prior to his death, at Lollapalooza Argentina, with Foo Fighters. Due to this tragic loss, Foo Fighters have cancelled all upcoming tour dates, allowing time to grieve and remember this extraordinary human.

Many saddened friends, family, and fans have been memorializing Hawkins’ life.

From the official Foo Fighters Instagram
Fans leave candles and flowers outside the Four Seasons Hotel, where Taylor Hawkins passed.
“Like losing a younger favourite brother. He was a kind brilliant man and an inspirational mentor to my son Rufus and the best friend one could ever have. Devastated. Rog” – Roger Taylor (Queen, Drummer)
“Totally broken from this. Taylor, you were my big brother, my hero, my mentor, life support, the reason I’m in this business, you were everything to me. The kindest, most generous and hilarious person I know who had time for everyone around you. And of course the most ridiculous drummer on the planet. Beautiful style to watch. Stay loose but him em hard! We met when I was 6 and I looked up to you ever since. So many memories of us laughing together, all seared into my mind forever. I love you T, I’ll miss you big bro xxx” – Rufus Taylor
From Brian May, Guitarist of Queen
“Taylor’s sudden death came as a shock to me and the people who knew and loved him. Not only was he a GREAT drummer but his personality was big and shiny and will be sorely missed by all who were lucky to live and work alongside him. You were a true Rock and Roll hero and will always remain in my heart.” – Paul McCartney
“Rest in peace Taylor Hawkins. Your playing has inspired many.” – Jen Ledger (Skillet, Drummer)

Taylor, you will be heavily missed. We love you.