Asian-American and Pacific Islander month

May is the month to celebrate and recognize the greatness of Asians and Pacific Islanders. They brung a lot to America, and it deserves a lot of recognition.

I want to start off with some influencers. Nakahama Manjirō was known to be the first Japanese man to come to America on May 7, 1843. He came to America to be a translator during the opening of Japan. Another great influence is Maya Lin. She created the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. Those are only two of many influencers that built or started something in the United States.

There are many traditions that go on in the Asian and Pacific Islander community. One of the biggest traditions are dancing. Dancing has been going on for generations, but the dancing that they do is so unique. Most people know about Hula dancing, but don’t know the background. Hula dancing originated from Hawaii, and it is a dance to celebrate. Even though Hula dancing doesn’t look like a challenge, the girls who do it can tell you differently. Those girls practice every day for long hours on their feet, squatting, and slowly moving for hours. It take a lot of time and dedication to be one of the best. China also has their own dance, and that is called Lion dancing. Have you ever seen those big lions in New York City around Chinese New Year? Those people who are under there don’t just hold a lion costume and run around. That dance requires a lot of hard work. It is based mainly on Kung Fu, and a dancer has to be strong enough to carry the lion across town, and it is definitely harder than it looks.

There are hateful people in this world, and just because it’s a time to celebrate Asian-American and Pacific Islanders, doesn’t stop the hateful people in the world. Just like other cultures, they don’t deserve to treated the way they’re being treated in todays society. They bring a lot of good foods and diversity to America, and without them, we can say bye-bye to our favorite Asian restaurants, beauty supply stores, and most nail and spa salons. Even if they didn’t provide anything for America, they’re still people, and should be treated like people. Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders may be recognized for the month to the rest of us, but is celebrated every day for them.