“Lexi what are these”- Mr.McLeod


Here at the Dakota Planet, we love a good whole-hearted, made in America (or not) meme. Our advisors, Mr.McLeod and Mrs.Sarver, although very “hip with the kids,” sometimes think our humor can be a bit off-putting. So, I shared with them a few memes that really scratch my mosquito bites, if ya know what I mean. 



McLeod (just didn’t rate it I guess/34): “This is a simple fact. No one should argue. It’s how I’ve rationalized a plate of nachos every day since I was 12.”

Sarver 32/34: “I love nachos, although this format is a bit tired, it makes a good point!”


Mcleod -10/34: “It was a zero, then I looked at my son yesterday and saw this in his face. Now it’s negative 10.”

Sarver 27/34: “Idk it gets me.”



McLeod 5/34: “This is just simple cultural irony. What, nothing about fish and chips gov’nah?” [Editors note: wow bilingual king over here]

Sarver 4/34: “Ok, but like eh”



Mcleod 30/34:  “Accurate, though disconcerting.”

Sarver 20/34: “Ohioans, am I right?”


McLeod 10/34: “This is silly and immature, unlike the high-brow humor of the Muppets.”

Sarver 33/34: “Amazing and relatable.”



McLeod 1/34: “Nonsense.”

[Editors note: McLeod called this a lego, I just wanted everyone to know that.]

Sarver 30/34: “Good Advice.”

McLeod 2/34: “Scary Nonsense.”


Sarver 28/34: “Got me there.”

McLeod 30/34: “While jarring, it asks existential questions I have ignored far too long.”

Sarver 3/34: “Derivative and family guy humor.”[Editors note: I like how this isn’t funny but the Hello Father one was.]


McLeod 10/34: “Drugs are bad.”

Sarver 31/34: “Bread is life.”

McLeod 10/34: “The ten comes from including Sarver. I award no other points.”

Sarver (She forgot to rate this one): “I don’t get it but I like being included”








In conclusion, my teachers are now very worried about me. Please leave your own ratings down below!!!