This is America

   People are dying everyday, and it’s sad that most deaths aren’t from natural causes anymore, but from people killing other people. On April 20th, Ma’Khia Bryant was shot and killed by a police officer. There is body cam footage from the police who shot her, showing that she had a knife and was ready to harm another girl. People claimed that she deserved to get shot because of her actions, but there are many videos of white men holding guns, resisting arrest, and all of them are still alive today. On the bright side, George Floyd’s Murderer, Derek Chauvin, is currently serving 75 years in jail. Justice was finally served after long, hard months.

The hate doesn’t stop there. American-Asians have been being harassed since the beginnings of Covid-19, and hasn’t stopped yet. A few weeks ago, “Gold Spa” in Atlanta, Georgia was shot up and killed eight Asian-American women.Robert Aaron, whom is guilty of the shooting, claimed that he didn’t do it because they’re Asian, he did it  because he had some addiction, and the salon  places are his ideal places to go. Keep in mind that most salons are ran by Asians. Nobody can actually clarify whether it was a race thing or not, but the Asian community has been getting a lot or hate recently.

It’s only right that I add this last topic; Adam Toledo, a third teen year old boy, was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer. Adam was with twenty-one year old, Ruban Roman, shooting at cars. When the police came Ruban got away, but was soon arrested with multiple charges. Adam was caught and was told to put his hands up, and so he did, with no weapon, and still was shot and killed. Video footage was found of the officers body cam, showing Adam with his hands up. Adam didn’t even get to live a long life, and it’s tragic that his life ended that way.