Rating outfits from the inauguration

Watching the inauguration today I noticed that many of the people in attendance had the most amazing outfits I have ever seen them wear. This will be a ranking of those outfits and how amazing they truly were.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden:

Mr. President, the leather gloves, the elegant black coat, the iron lines permanently formed into his pants, AND A MASK!!!! Along with the way he became America’s savior today, 100/10 sir.

Jill Biden, THE MONOCHROMATIC FIT!!!!! The way the mask and gloves match her coat kills me every time. I have to give her a 50/10, absolute queen:


Vice President Kamala Harris and First Gentlemen Doug Emhoff:

MADAM VICE PRESIDENT ABSOLUTELY KILLING IT!! The monochrome again and the earring a necklace set really pulls together a powerful outfit for our powerful new Vice President. 100/10

And of course don’t forget the one and only First Gentleman Doug. He’s the support everyone needs, he’s and he looks suave doing it. 40/10, simple and elegant.

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama:

I love them with my whole heart and I miss them everyday. Mr. Barack Obama you are one of the greatest humans I’ve ever heard of. And the outfit today was absolutely fire. 50/10

MICHELLE. SHE LEFT NO CRUMBS. I swear these three women must have planned the monochrome and im absolutely here for it. 50/10

110/10 overall for both (extra 10 point because the DYNAMIC DUO are holding hands).

Former Vice President Micheal Pence and Karen Pence:

While I obviously have a bias against them, I truly applaud them for coming to the inauguration. It was mature and polite, and overall the right thing to do. Plus they have cool matching masks. 10/10 each


And last but not least, Bernie Sanders:

I just… he’s so wholesome and sweet! THE MITTENS!!! The only points off are because it’s not nearly as elegant as everyone else and he looks so bored to be there. 46/10

Right now you might be thinking that I missed someone, but I did say that I was rating the outfits of people who ATTENDED the inauguration today.

This plane was not at the inauguration, and neither were the people on board.