Top 5 Most Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them

Working Out and Getting Fit

While going into the New Year the most common resolution is to start going to the gym and to loose some weight. Most people will go out and get a gym membership to motivate them. While many people start to go a lot the first month or two, they start to slowly stop going as often. Which is where they start to break their resolution.

Some ways to keep this resolution of going to the gym and getting fit are to start small and only do what you know you can. Schedule a few days of the week for going to the gym. Next don’t get all worked up if you skipped a few days at the gym because you were busy. You aren’t going to be perfect and sometimes it doesn’t fit into your schedule. Lastly, keep a positive attitude towards this goal and encourage yourself to keep going and to push through it.







Travel to New Places

I’m sure everyone thinks being able to travel to new places would be an incredible experience. For many it isn’t as realistic as it would be for some people. Not everyone has the time nor money to spend on traveling and taking vacations. Putting that into perspective can really put a damper on things and discourage you, making you not follow through with this resolution.

For this to happen there are a few different things that you can do. First being every paycheck you get, you can put a little money away for this. You’d be surprised at how much money you can save up by the New Year. Another thing being that you need to plan for these things and to make sure they fit into your time schedule. This is important to make sure there is time to plan, and to know when and where you are going. Lastly it is important to remember to stay positive, and anyone can accomplish anything they work for.








Spend More Time With Family

Many people start off the New Year saying that they will make more time to spend with their family. Now while some people may be able to stick to that for others it may be hard. Sometimes making time is harder due to not living close to each other and having a busy work schedule. Sure they may call and text their family members but it isn’t the same as spending time with them in person.

There are a few different ways to try and help you keep this resolution. The first one being to create a time frame on which you can visit them so often every week or so. It’s also important to remember family should come first and keeping that mind set will make you set aside more time for your family. Another thing is to put yourself in charge sometimes. This will help with making sure you can fit this into your schedule and that there will always be time.







Eat Healthier

Who doesn’t say they are going to start eating healthier for the New Year. Many people set this goal thinking New Year New Me and for most people they don’t follow through with it. Sometimes it is harder than it looks. Its said to be true that if people cant follow through with their resolution the first month it is less likely they will keep up with it the rest of the year.

There are always strategies and tricks to keep this new years resolution. The first one being to be realistic with yourself. Having crazy expectation for the meals you should be eating makes you goal harder to achieve because it may require a lot of extra work making you put it off. Another thing that you can do is to not beat yourself up over it if you do slip up a little. Don’t put yourself in the mind set that you cant do it anymore. Everyone deserves to cheat on their diets once in a while. Finally don’t give up, and have some faith in yourself. It may seem hard at first but it will eventually become normal to you.







Quit Smoking

For some people this resolution may be a lot harder than others. This being that maybe they have smoked for longer and cant see life without it or maybe they just simply aren’t ready to quit. It has been said that if you aren’t doing it for yourself and you are doing it for others there is less of a chance that you will follow through with it and wont quit.

To start off it is important to remember that you have to want to do this for yourself. Of course it is good to do it for others but it is more effective if you are the one who wants to make this change. Another thing is to think of the benefits you will have once quitting. There’s less risks if you quit then if you were to continue. Its always good to keep a positive attitude and to remember not everyone quits as fast as others. Some people just take a little more time which isn’t a bad thing. This shouldn’t be as difficult if you have others cheering you on and keeping you staying positive.