Study Tips for Final Exams

With the end of the year approaching it is a common feeling to be anxiously waiting for summer vacation. Yet, the only problem is in order to make it to the end mark, we all must take our final exams. We are all used to exams by now, but some how it still seems like we don`t know how to reteach ourselves all the information we learned in the last 20 weeks.  By just doing certain things you may not have done before and adding new study techniques, it will almost be sure to always help you pass with the grade you wanted!

  • Do not try to study all subjects at one time

If you do this, you will drive yourself crazy. Take it one subject at a time. So that means, for example, you can focus on math and just math. That way another subject wont be at the back of your mind the whole time.

  • Study in small increments

No studying for hours at a time! That is not the right way to do it. If you take frequent breaks in between study sessions,  it will be sure to keep your mind fresh for each time you pick up your book again. Studying without breaks is a sure way to tire yourself out and add even more stress to the situation.

  • Use your resources

By resources, I mean old tests and quizzes. This is truly one of the best techniques you can use! If it was on an important test or assessment, that means it will most likely show up again.

  • Study in a place you feel relaxed

If you study in an environment that creates anxiety for you, you most likely wont be focused on what you need to be.  Places you feel comfortable in make the best study environments.

  • Use summer break as your motivation

Think about it, after you get through these exams, you have the best reward anyone could ask for. Almost 3 months off from school!

  • Stay well rested

No subject is worth getting no sleep for. When you feel that its time to goo to bed, just go to bed. Your well being is  more important that studying all night.

  • Consider all your resources

It is 2019. We live in a generation where we have many study tools our parents, or even people a few years older than us did not have. Like quizlet! Technology has many purposes more than just social media, so use it!

  • Stay calm

I know, it may be hard to just “stay clam” when you have 6 exams, that are worth 20% of your final grade approaching, but, putting yourself under stress will literally make yourself do worse. Relax! You got this! You have worked hard in the last 20 weeks, and your exam grade will be a reflection of the work you put in.