How I Feel About Roe v Wade Being Threatened

How I Feel About Roe v Wade Being Threatened

Hannah Lancaster, Staff Writer

The Supreme Court is currently very close to overturning Roe v Wade the case which established that abortions are legal. American’s are outraged with the 5-4 vote against the right to abortions. Here’s my take on this issue: religion should not be involved in the discussion of laws and human rights, this is a human rights issue not assigned to one gender or another, and that this decision will lead to death and higher safety risks to everyone. Separation of church and state has been around since the beginning for the United States but recently the blurring of those religious and lawful lines are causing religion to start having a say on the laws created and passed.  This is a human rights violation by not allowing women to decide what they wish to do with their bodies.  Our right to make our own choice on the matter of wanting a child or not and when is being taken away. The argument of being safe and using protection also comes into play but there is limited access to birth controls and other methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy’s. Outlawing abortions will not stop people from having abortions, it will just lead to an increase in death, overdoses, and disease from people who do not want a child and no have no other options to a safe method. Overturning Roe V Wade will do nothing if not hurt the people and divide society even further than it already is. This forces victims of rape and incest to carry on with the pregnancy and give birth to a child that they might have fostered aggression towards due to the circumstances that the child was conceived. This includes children who now must give birth to another child and women whose body’s cannot support giving birth. I think this decision is a massive mistake and there will be numerous protests and backlash thrown back onto the Supreme Court. This also violates the rights to privacy which protect things like access to birth control and condoms along with same sex marriage. If Roe V Wade falls, the others will fall too.

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