The Takeover of Technology


Technology, everyone uses technology. Whether it be for work or school, we need it. And as much as certain people don’t like it or find it hard to adjust to these new changes, there really is no way to avoid it.

I believe that technology helps simplify our living. I feel that the technological advancements that we have made has helped us, as a society, lessen the struggles that we experience on a daily basis. Though, as much as it is and has helped us greatly, it is very out of reach from the majority of Earth’s population.

Let’s go back a bit. A decade ago, the main sources of technology were the flip phones, television but with a limited number of channels, and computers. Back then, almost everybody had at least one of those three, because at that time flip phones only costed like $300. But since then, technology has evolved so much to the point where we now have phones with screens on them. This is where it starts to all make sense when I wrote that technology these days, is out of reach for most people. Since everything is slowly updating and evolving in the electronic universe, the prices for these things start to go up. And now, the most recent phone released costs around $12,000. A price increase up to $11,700 more than what one used to cost back in 2000s.

But not everyone is willing to spend $12,000 just to get their hands on the latest iPhone, right? Wrong. Updates and updates, new attachments, new releases, everyone wants the newest one. Wants to show off what they spent their weekly check on. We are so consumed in technology, that we don’t have control over it anymore. That we are slowly including it into our lives 24/7.  And this isn’t a good thing.

Maybe some people might know this, some might not, but this should be basic logic. Every year, when a new iPhone is getting released, the old ones from two or three years ago will start slowly decrease with their battery. The phones will slowly start to not work, therefore causing you to buy the newest one. Apple programs their iPhones’ batteries to last only up to a certain year so that people buy the new ones, thus making profit. That’s also another reason why people spend their money on them so much.

When I was younger, as a part of Gen Z, I grew up slowly noticing how technology started to become more and more involved into not only my life, but other people’s lives. I grew up playing with Barbies and on my Nintendo, watching Dora and Blues Clues. And as I slowly started to get older, my sources of entertainment started to change. It went from my iPad, then later on my phone, and then later on video games. I’ll agree they really are fun, and they help occupy me when I have nothing to do. But when I say this, and I promise you that majority of Gen Z will agree with me, but we are the generation that has experienced the most changes, the generation that has witnessed the most changes within technology.

Like I said before I have nothing against technology, I feel that it really does help us, and  we need it to live, and we need it for certain things. But it has become too much to the point where two-year old’s literally have iPhones and that’s not really a healthy thing that they should be exposed to at such a young age. The future generation is not going to turn out good with the way we are currently living. We claim that we have control over technology when it actually has control over us. You wake up every morning and the first thing you go to is your phone, and once the battery is drained on that you instantly go to either your laptop,  your TV, or your console.

Technology as much as it’s great and all is slowly ruining us. We need to make a change, not only on this, but so many other things if we want to make and leave a positive impact for the future generations.