Marylin’s Broken Promises


Art by Amy Scheidegger Ducos

They always say you don’t chase, you attract. And it’s true. They always come running back to you. The real ones, the true friends always come running back to you and telling you the truth.

It’s a ridiculous world we live in. People promise that they’ll keep a secret, but then go off behind your back and tell everyone the one thing that you trusted them with. after that, they come right back to you and tell you what they did and you forgive them. the cycle never ends.

you can’t trust anyone anymore. Not even for a small promise. Meaningless words. Nope.

Society is sick. You have to be skinny, but not too skinny to the point where you’ll starve yourself. You have to be polite, not too polite to the point where you’ll be overly nice, but enough to seem like a decent person. Wear revealing clothing, not too revealing, but revealing enough that you are not picked on for it.

It’s  annoying. All of these rules that society made. My Mom used to tell me that back in her day, you could wear anything you want. As weird as the style was back then, the beauty standards weren’t as strict. You can be any shape or size, and you could wear anything you want. It was a free world, and they claim it still is.

it’s not.

You want to know what else I find strange? The specific types and details that boys and girls have for their dream person. They have to be skinny, they have to be this tall, they have to have this kind of style,  they can’t have body hair, they have to be strong and not fear anything. This colored hair, these eyes.. WHY DO YOU NEED A SPECFIC TYPE?! Just go out and find someone to be with. Stop trying to change people and stop trying to find this perfect guy or girl, because you may never find them. Yes, soulmates may be real, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll look exactly like how you imagine your  dream boy or girl to be.

I, Marilyn, was a nice girl and still am. I didn’t do anything. I never hurt anyone. But as the years passed, the standards of society change. While all that changed, I still stayed the same. You know what they say, at some point the changes that happen around you affect you. I became cautious towards new people I met. But society’s standards never changed me and will never change me. I’m not going to force myself into the body and personality that they want me to have. Every now and then I will try to fit into the trends, But I will never change myself for society. I will never trust people when it comes to  my secrets. I will never not be me.


Author’s note:

Hello! Marilyn is a fake character I made. She is inspired by the anger inside of me  built towards societies’  horrible rules. I wrote this to let people know that you never have to change yourself for not only people, but society as well. You are perfect the way you are. You don’t have to change in order to fit someone’s standards. Society has changed to value the wrong things, And that’s not okay.