Are Dakota Students Okay?

Are Dakota Students Okay?

Air Brong, Staff Writer

With school back in session, pressure is high for the students of Dakota High School. Sports and clubs are back, as well as testing and homework. Many students have responsibilities outside of school as well, working part time jobs or partaking in activities not related to Dakota. With everything students take on, it can be hard for them to find time to eat, sleep, shower, or spend time with their friends and families. The question nobody seems to be asking is “are Dakota students okay?”

I decided I would be the one to find the answers. I asked some students a simple question, “how is your mental health?” Here are some of the answers I received.

“It’s terrible.” -anonymous

“My therapist said that there’s nothing she can do anymore.” -anonymous

“My mental health is horrible I go home and cry for hours.” -Audrey S.

“Declining slowly.” -anonymous

“Terrible, in shambles really. I look at myself in the mirror and I have to lie to myself because everyday is getting worse.” -Ben Martino

“I’m dying inside.” -Cloe Campbell

Although many of these answers might be seen as jokes, none of them are positive. Not even a month into the school year and this is the state of the student body. Should the mental health of students be seen as more of a concern?