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2019-2020 Staff

Lexi Kincaid

Lexi Kincaid

Lexi is a senior at Dakota, and this is her second year in newspaper. This year she is a co-managing editor for the planet. Lexi loves writing, painting, and any type of creating. Lexi is the VP of Dakota's NHS and the Preside...

Alyssa Taugher

Alyssa Taugher is a senior at Dakota. This is her second year with The Dakota Planet. She has loved every minute of it. This year, she decided to have a column where she writes about a dog who is available for adopted at the Macomb...

Sophia Nastasy

Sophia Nastasy is a first year Senior Dakota Planet Writer. She enjoys to write featured writing the most because it is human interest, fun, and engaging with the reader. Sophia is part of the Medical Academy and plans on going...

Tori DeAngelis

Tori is a senior at Dakota High School. She is a part of many clubs at Dakota including being president of Writing Club. She enjoys writing creative pieces as well as advice columns.

Katie Kraemer

Katie Kraemer

Katie Kraemer  (they/them) is a senior, the Director of Newspaper Photography, occasionally an impassioned political writer, and an overall lover of the arts. They also started the LGBT section for The Planet this year. Follow...

Kellin Hughes

Kellin Hughes

Kellin is a class of 2020 graduate who just likes to write about stuff. He is also super rad, funky fresh, and all around The Coolest Person in the Galaxy.

Lexi Kincaid

Lexi Kincaid

Lexi Kincaid is a senior at Dakota High School. She has been on newspaper since 2019 and is now the Co-editor. Lexi loves to paint and create funny cartoons! She excited to spread good vibes to her work

Melina Hicks

A junior at Dakota High School who is a first year writer for The Dakota Planet! A major history buff who loves to read and is also passionate about international news and politics!

Gabby Jones

Gabby Jones is a senior writer for The Dakota Planet.

Nick Accardo

Nick Accardo

Nick Accardo is an 11th grade student at Dakota High School. He is a sports writer for the Dakota Planet. He also enjoys playing the guitar, watching football, and hanging out with friends.

Matt Biebuyck

Matt Biebuyck is a senior sports writer at Dakota High School who keeps up with many sports in our community. He is an avid fan of the Tigers, Pistons, Lions and Michigan State basketball and football. He enjoys writing about...

Ryan Tautz

Ryan Tautz is  senior at Dakota, and this is his first year in the Dakota Planet. He is a feature writer and he likes to write about interesting things in history and fantasy stories. He was apart of the Debate Club in 10th grade,...

Maddie K.

Madeline Kraemer

Madeline Kraemer is Editor in Chief of The Dakota Planet. Madeline works on broadcasting and writes stories for the newspaper. During her free time she participates in color guard for the Dakota Marching Band, and plays piano...

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