The Victorian Era and Zombies are a Perfect Blend

Lexi Kincaid, Managing Editor

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is one of the best movies ever created. Personally, I believe it is the best adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, even though it is a satire the movie tells the story very well and also adds some flavor to the classic. 

Although not as glamorous as other adaptations, PPZ had great costuming which fit with the time period and the films own dark and dangerous aesthetic. The dresses worn by the Bennet sisters were both beautiful and functional. Unlike other adaptations they lacked the frilly and romantic additives, which many back then could not afford anyways, so it becomes unrealistic as the

Bennets were not extremely wealthy, so buying that many nice dresses for their daughters was impossible. These plain dresses also served as functional for the girls to be able to quickly get weapons (which were also era appropriate) without dealing with so much floof. The costuming in this movie was subtle and definitely not a main focus, but the consistency and changes made to fit this new universe was *chef’s kiss*



Jay Maidment

If blood and gore is not your style, then I would suggest you watch another adaptation, but if you like some fast paced zombie slashing, this is the right movie. The fight scenes in this movie weren’t over the top, but practically and almost artistically done. I appreciated the way that when they fought it was so fluid, it almost felt like a dance sequence. The gore of the zombies didn’t take away from it either. 10/10 there’s no action in any others so i can’t compare. 


The movie uses sfx to create the undead. Honestly for a movie that is created as a joke, the SFX were not cheaped out on. Not super gory or over-the-top the look of the zombies was well crafted and carried through the many characters we saw getting infected. I also appreciated the different degrees of decay on their faces and bodies. They also didn’t pull in the slow and stupid trope, many were fluently speaking and fighting. Instead of green and gory the Zombies looked like a rapidly decaying human, which is gross, but definitely the point.



Darcy is a bad character, no matter what adaptation. He is rude and mean and terrible to Elizabeth. This Darcy, played by Sam Riley, was as all his fore-Darcy’s, terrible. However, we got to see a lot more of his character in this movie than others, which redeems some of him. Also he was a super cool fighter.



I have seen many adaptations of this movie and read the book, and this adaptation has a better plot then all of them. Actually I don’t even know what the plot of the original even is. In this adaptation, England is struck by a zombie plague, and the only ones who are safe are those who can stay inside. During this master of martial arts and swordswoman, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy combine forces to fight the undead. 


In conclusion, the target audience of this movie was me. I love this movie and believe every movie should have a zombie adaptation. Also Lilly James is beautiful. Now time to create Little Warewolves.