Close to the End

Brooklyn Plitz

    I think we can all agree that this school year has not been a typical year. With doing semester one online and multiple changes to in person school this semester, it has had many different impacts to all different students. Including draining many students of their ability to do schoolwork as their motivation decreased with all the different changes. Overall, hopefully being on the track to a normal school year once again, here are a few words from current Sophomores on their thoughts about the school year. 

Elle Warnack: “This school year has been very different than I’d ever except my sophomore year would be. It definitely had its up and downs, but overall I’d say it was a good year. In my opinion, I thought being online was better on my mental health. I was in a comfortable space and it made learning enjoyable. That being said I am very grateful that things have gone back to being somewhat normal. I like being able to go to school and socialize, after the crazy year we’ve had being able to go to school in person has been nice. I took harder classes this year and I think it I would’ve known how long we would’ve been online I probably would have dropped a few. I think some teachers did a really good job given the circumstances but others definitely need to work on their virtual teaching skills. the whole year was one surprise after another but ultimately I’m glad it unfolded the way it did, and I’m especially glad to be back to in person learning.” 

Kendyl Baron: “This year in school was very different than what I was expecting. There was lots of changes between online and in person, and the transitions from the two were very difficult. Although it was very challenging, I enjoyed getting to go back to school towards the end of the year. it wasn’t easy on anyone, and the school did a good job of handling it overall. I’m very grateful that I was able to get back and although it wasn’t the regular environment it was still very fun and I’m glad we got to finish out the year on a good note.”