Community Week!

The Helping Hands Club

The Helping Hands Club

Last week was community week! For those of you who didn’t know May 3rd- May 7th was spirit week, but for our community. People got to participate by wearing fun clothing according to the assigned day as well do an act to help our neighborhood. Here’s a recap on how it went! I will also be talking about our school’s new club, “The Helping Hands” and how big of a difference it will make for our community.

The Schedule

The schedule for spirit week was pretty simple.

On Monday, it was Jersey day were people were to wear their favorite sports jersey. The community act was to pick up trash around your local neighborhood. Tuesday was College Shirt day were people were to wear their favorite college sports team, or just their favorite college in general. The community act was to chose a friend and celebrate them for a whole day, similar to a birthday but completely random. There was also a restaurant fundraiser for “California Pizza Kitchen”. Wednesday was Decade Day. People were to wear clothing similar to that of their favorite decade and the community act was to write a positive review for a local business. Thursday was Tie Dye day. People were to wear the colorful pattern on their clothing and the community act was to tip extra on your dine in or carry out order. There was also a restaurant fundraiser for “Tropical Smoothie Cafe”. Finally, on Friday, it was Class Colors Day. People were to wear the color assigned to their grade level. Freshman wore white, Sophomore’s wore green, Junior’s wore blue, and the Senior’s wore Black. The staff were also included and were assigned to wear grey. The community act was to shoutout your favorite local business on social media.

Overall, last week’s spirit week was dedicated to helping out and doing something nice for our community, and speaking of doing something nice for the community, let’s talk about the “Woman’s Drive”.

Thea Walerski and her friend Selena Paolucci had created a new club at Dakota called “The Helping Hands”. Their mission was to spread and promote kindness towards not only ourselves, but to the community as well!

Thea: “While we were in the midst of starting out, we came across local women shelters around the area, the one that caught our attention was “Secondhand Rose”/ “Turning Point”. This local shelter takes in battered woman in abusive homes and gives them a safe place to run to. While researching and talking to the workers at the store, we decided to devote our first community project to this organization!”

The Woman’s Drive was directed to helping and supporting woman and their children after learning what they had gone through. It was dedicated to helping collect supplies that woman and children needed that they couldn’t get from their homes with the situation that they are in, things such as shampoo, diapers, and feminine hygiene products are being donated.

Thea: “After learning the hardships, the women had gone through , we both agreed that we were going to do the absolute best to support these women and their children . The women that are living in those types of situations , usually have no time to bring the necessities (such as shampoo , diapers , feminine hygiene products) with them. We decided the best way to help the organization , was by hosting the “Women’s Drive”, during Community Week!

We went straight to work and delivered donation boxes to any teachers who wanted to participate and located a bigger box in the atrium as well. We knew the key items we should ask for , were toiletries, non-perishable items, and any feminine hygiene products. Selena and I both believed that we were not going to receive many donations, due to COVID and student participation . However , we are almost overwhelmed with the all the support we have received for our drive! It truly brings a smile to my face to see school community come together to support those in need. And it truly holds a special place in my heart to see all the boxes being filled , however big or small of a donation , it is very big in my heart. Although we have just started our club , I want to keep supporting the community and reach out to those in need and bring in some kindness into their lives.”

Please go donate to the “Woman’s Drive”. It really is an amazing cause and what they are doing by helping woman and children who have experience those horrible things is truly heart-warming!