Move Along

Move Along

Taylor Burnham

This is a song converted into a poem about loving someone and how love can prevail in tough times. I have limited experience in the subject, but I am a hopeless romantic who fantasizes about love and frequently writes about that dream. This poem is a manifestation of those feelings: 


They say that tomorrow everything will change, 

but I don’t want this to go away: 

everything we have, 

everything we share, 

everything we know. 


Your eyes have clouds in them, it’s real easy to see, 

but darling, no need to worry about me. 

Everything we’ve touched, 

everything we’ve planned, 

everything we’ve learned 

will never go. 


Don’t lose your faith, we have so much left to lose. 

All I want is to be right next to you 

every time we kiss, 

every time we talk, 

every time we cry. 


Things might look dire but hold on to what we have, 

Just close your eyes and let all the hardship pass. 

Then you will see 

everything you need 

is right here with me. 


The sun can’t take you away. 

The moon can’t make it turn to gray. 

The stars can’t make me want to change. 

Everything they say is wrong, 

they can just move along. 

And if they put up a fight, 

just hold your hand in mine. 

We may walk a jagged line, 

but we will move along. 


Our love may not be written in the stars, 

but it’s for sure written in my heart. 

Nothing can erase the permanent ink. 


Don’t be scared of what can’t be controlled. 

We won’t let anything happen to these feelings we hold. 

All the strongest forces in the world, 

all of nature’s weapons unfurled, 

can’t compare to you and I. 


You will never be alone; 

I’ll be there to hold you in the rain and snow. 

When everything is in our way and tells us that we’re wrong, 

we will move along.